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Quality Policy

Quality Policy


Excellent product quality: The company strictly controls the quality and implements the "three customs system" in the process management of product production. One is to strictly control the feed. Strictly examine the qualifications and product-related quality inspection reports of each supplier, and conduct random inspection tests. The company also cooperates with provincial and municipal quality supervision and inspection departments to inspect the finished products irregularly every year to ensure that all products to customers are environmentally friendly, Qualified high-quality products. Before leaving the factory, all products must be strictly checked by the quality inspectors of the company's quality inspection department. Unqualified products cannot be shipped from the factory. It is precisely because the company adopts the process as the management unit in the production management. "Strict" is the basic criterion, interlocking with each other in every process to ensure quality and quantity and deliver on time and with high efficiency.

The company adheres to the concept of "zero quality defects, zero service complaints, and zero customer complaints", and customer satisfaction is the eternal theme of the company's services. The product implements after-sales service commitments to users. The after-sales service department is equipped with special personnel, special vehicles, and special telephones, which truly allow users to enjoy worry-free services.

Soft power supports hard development. The company has always adhered to the strategy of "people-oriented, talent-strengthening enterprises". With a vision of superior, one-shot, one-step development, starting from the reality of production and operation, the company implements the principle of "having both integrity and virtue first". Talent selection in principle; Talent selection based on the principle of "selecting talents and competence, fair competition"; talent evaluation based on the principle of "performance achievement, clear rewards and punishments"; principle of "unity and cooperation, common growth" It has cultivated high- and middle-level management talents, professional design talents, and technical operation talents, and basically constructed various talents. "There is a channel for growth and room for development. Opportunities for officers, positions for officers and positions for accomplishments are given." "Platform. A new pattern has been formed in which the three teams of management, technology and skill go hand in hand and coordinate development.


Quality Policy

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